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If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments -- if you are worried about a looming interest rate adjustment -- or if you are already behind on your mortgage -- it's time to get help

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Loan Modification Calculator

Why use the loan modification calculator you ask? In today's rate climate it is so important to make sure that you are analyzing all of the possible government programs available. Mortgage Modification Maryland has been a huge advocate of the loan modification calculator for a long time.


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The best way to compare rates is to use the Loan Modification Calculator. Don't settle for just any rate. You need to get a custom rate that fits your budget.

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Rates are set to go up in 2018 and HARP 2.0 has been heard to expire toward the end of this year. The loan modification calculator is the best way to get the rate you need.

Mortgage Modification



With the help of our Maryland mortgage modification lawyers, you may be able to work out an arrangement with your lender to reduce your monthly payments to a level you and your family can afford. In other words, you could be able to keep your home, stay current on your mortgage, and even retain your hard-earned equity. Check out your HARP eligibility.